Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This was another poem written as part of the 20-day writing challenge! This time my prompt was to write something set in a pub or club. Despite only venturing out, out around once every month or two lockdown has had me missing clubbing and one club in particular (anyone who knows me will know exactly where I am talking about!)

Clubbing for me has never been about being drunk, it's about dancing, being with my friends and having a chance to completely let go. I hope this poem captures this.

Red peeling walls,

Sticky floors,

Years of spilt forgotten memories,

Form a veneer

That glues my

Boots to the ground.


This will all be hazy

Two too many

Drinks thrown down

A scarred throat.

Screaming, singing.

No, tomorrow

I'll remember


The freedom of being dressed up,

With somewhere to go,

Of throwing my hands up,

Dancing, being watched, not caring,

Saying how I feel,

Amongst shining, pumping lights,

Running home,

Crashing asleep,

Waiting a month,