Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This poem is yet another from the writing challenge I set myself. The prompt was to open the dictionary, and write about whatever word you saw first- mine was adopt.

Immediately, I began thinking about the city I live in and was reminded of a conversation I'd had with someone who grew up here a few years ago. I moved here in 2016 from London and have completely fallen in love. During tough times, this was the place that picked me off my feet and I am forever thankful that I now, very happily, call it home. When speaking to my friend who grew up here he simply couldn't understand why I loved it so much, to which I replied- It's the place where I became who I am, it adopted me and let me live again.

This world, a city,

dragged me by force

unrooted me from a town

that parented me.

It took me in,

made an adult, from a child,

reared me to walk tall,

two feet,

no crawling anymore,

each foot,

on familiar stones.