Joyful January- 10 things I'm grateful for from 2020-

Over on my Instagram page, I (along with my friend Isabelle) am running a month-long event called Joyful January where participants post about something that has brought them joy!

In honour of this, I thought I would make a quickfire list of 10 things I am grateful for from the not so great year that was 2020:

  1. I finished the first year of my degree with a 2:1- I am grateful for my education and the opportunities I am afforded by being a student!

  2. I became president of a lovely book club at university- I have met wonderful friends through this.

  3. I recovered- I had a huge mental health wobble and now I am back on track a mere 9 months later. I'm grateful for my access to medication, doctors and a support network.

  4. My blog improved- From where I was with my blog a year ago to where I am now, I cannot believe it! I am grateful for the solace that my little corner of the internet has given me.

  5. Despite everything my whole family are as healthy as can be- There have been a lot of health changes and scares this year- for all of us, but we have all ended the year being healthy, something I cannot help but be grateful for.

  6. Reading and books- Books have saved me this year- from a distracting hobby to having a focus for my degree, I simply would not be as well as I am without books.

  7. Green spaces- Walking has been my only reason to leave the house in 2020- so naturally, the green spaces surrounding my house are things I am endlessly grateful for.

  8. Friends and family- Where would I be without them? Friends and family, even at a distance, got me through 2020 and In love them for it!

  9. Music- I just love music, it's the soundtrack to my day and it makes me happy!

  10. Life- Yes, it's cheesy, but I am happy to be here- living and alive.