My 'feel-good' recommendations-

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We all feel a little down or tired sometimes. I know that when I feel like this and all I want to do is relax there are certain shows, books, songs that however much I love them make me feel worse. This post is to combat that! I’ll be listing TV shows, films, books and music that are feel- good. Whether you have had a long day, feel sad or simply just need to switch off these are my recommendations-


Ru Paul’s Drag race- This needs little explanation BUT… a competition for drag queens with multiple spin offs Drag race is hilarious, heart-warming and most importantly light. With an array of love (and a good pinch of reality drama) you will fall head over heels for this show.

Extreme cake makers- With each episode only twenty minutes long this is a good ‘pick me up.’ Each episode shows three cake makers and their ‘extreme cakes.’ That is literally it. It’s fascinating, fun and a good way to take a break (and nosy at how much people are willing to spend on cake!)

The Great British Bake off- Again, I feel like this needs no introduction BUT it’s a baking show! Set in the UK! A competition! Weirdly nerve wracking but infinitely watchable this is the ultimate feel good- especially where Mary Berry and Mel and Sue are involved.


Any of the Pitch Perfects- Despite being a tad problematic Pitch Perfect’s combination of female friendship and the frankly bizarre world of collegiate acapella groups are worth a watch.

Legally Blonde- Who doesn’t love Legally Blonde? Following Elle Woods on her journey through Harvard Law school we see as she is judged, belittled and treated as ‘just a dumb blonde.’ A rip-roaring ode to smashing the patriarchy, proving your doubters wrong and being an all-round bad ass, this is probably my favourite film!

Mamma Mia- It’s Mamma Mia, It’s ABBA. I need to go no further watch it.


Mr Loverman- Bernadine Evaristo’s book about a 70-year-old closeted Caribbean man called Barrington Jediah Walker is poignant and feel good. Despite being tinged with sadness (inherent with the subject) it’s the characters that make this. Barrington is extremely blunt, has no shortage of opinions and likes to tell people what he thinks all the time. Suffering from internalised homophobia and being a misogynist, the novel comes to life as he begins to live his truth. (CW- homophobia, misogyny, racism, domestic abuse.)

The Switch- Beth O’Leary’s novel about a grandmother and granddaughter who swap lives is well worth a read. Covering the topics of grief, coercive control, love, aging, heartbreak and more with a light touch The Switch is beautiful. Its standout moments come in the form of Eileen (The Grandmother) who is quite frankly the woman I aim to be. (CW- Coercive control, domestic abuse, cheating)

The Giver of Stars- JoJo Moyes’ novel is based on the real-life group of women who ran a packhorse library in 1930s Kentucky, USA. The Giver of Stars is a romance, but it is so much more than that. It’s a book about books, the power of them, community, what it means to be a woman, female friendship etc. It has its moments that are far from feel good, but you will come out of reading this with a heart full of joy, it’s beautiful. (CW- violence, corpses, illness, domestic abuse.)


The Beatles- Everyone knows The Beatles! Go give them a listen your heart will explode. Quirky, fun, sad, strange, joyful there is a song for every occasion in their wide range of music.

All out 80s playlist on Spotify- Honestly brilliant! Whenever I put this on, I can’t help but dance and sing along- full of classics, you’ll be drawn to it whenever you feel down.