Hi, again!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Hello again!

My actual blog has been inactive for a while, but I’ve been active on my Instagram running it as a bookstagram account. However, after a long break on this side, I feel ready and excited to start writing again, that is, after all, why I started Read between the lines. When I decided to take a break, I had just moved to a new house and was about to start my first year of university, life was moving fast, and I simply felt unable to give the blog the time it needed.

In a way I feel I was right, I expected uni to be a lot of work but the sheer volume of reading, research, new experiences, new people and a brand-new routine was scary and overwhelming. However, as time progressed and things settled down, I fell more and more in love with literature, discovering authors, passions and genres I had never considered before. At the end of my first year (sadly cut short by the current pandemic) I feel this is the right time to begin again.

The aim of this blog has always been, as I said in my first post to show ‘how a wide range of books, authors and periods could continuously be relevant both to me personally and to others through their relevance to modern society.’ Continuing from this I endeavour to carry this aim out but in a slightly different way than I was before. Rather than working chronologically through texts I love then linking them to their relevance to us all I want to reflect how much my life (and my taste in and experience of books) have changed in the last 6 months.

Later this week, I will be posting another introduction post, this time to my creative writing. Since starting uni, I have felt inspired to begin writing in this way again and I feel excited to start sharing a more creative side to my work!

University reading lists and the book club I have joined have introduced me to several pieces I’ve had no choice but to read, and I am extremely thankful for this. They have given me the confidence to discover and read a wider range of books than I could have ever imagined. With them, my own writing has grown as well as my taste in literature.

To mirror this, I have made the decision to shift my focus onto more in-depth reviews of books I have recently read, whether they be for uni, book club or simply because I wanted to. I still think it is important to do these reviews with their relevance to us all in mind, but it is equally important for me to use books that are true to my tastes now, not the tastes I had as a child.

I’m super excited to start again and can’t wait to see you all again on Friday for my creative writing post!