After a family trip to a sculpture park, I was struck by just how many photos I decided to take. Always up for a challenge, I wanted to choose a few of my favourites and do a take on my previous creative writing post- My walk. For my walk I took photos with intention, choosing places that meant something to me, whereas here I had a fresh set of eyes and was merely capturing what was already there. So here are my creative responses to three pictures, hope you enjoy!

Number 1- Sky Mirror, Anish Kapoor, 2018

Did you see the sky today?

How it shimmered and shone anew

As if the sun had decided

To join us,

The little ones,

On the floor.

Instead of giving light,

It became it.

Number 2- Houghton hut, Rachel Whiteread.

One day when I was ten I walked down to the river. The one by the back of the fens. You know it's called, it's called... I can't remember!! Either way, I decided to take the long route through the trees, the grass and the leaves. As all 10-year-olds do I suddenly became very very lost. I stumbled down the hill below me and came across a hut. How curious I thought. Who lives in a place like this? On further inspection it appeared, no one. Not a soul.

That evening my father sat me down and told me we were leaving town. I packed my bags, had dinner and slept until the next morning where I was bundled into a car and taken to wherever I had to call home next.

I hadn't thought about that house for years when suddenly the village came on the news. The river Wensum. Now I remember! A fire had swept through the houses devastating them. How sad. It hit me, how is the little hut that gave me my last happy childhood memory?

I got in my car and drove. I pounded down the hill (I still knew the route!) and there it was- in pieces, shattered, scarred and burnt.

I wasn't having that. Not on my watch. I ran back to my car carrying the broken pieces bit by bit.

Once home I went about constructing the little place just as I remembered. It took a year, but eventually, I did it. Then I cut the top off, filled it with concrete and made this 'thing' that you see before you. Did you really think I was going to lose those happy memories again?

Number 3- Untitled, Anish Kapoor, 2018—20

Old and new

What's it to you?

We speak to each other

Telling secrets of

Now, then, the future.

We exist

Side by side,

No need to hide.

We are

The young

And the Aged

The Old

The new...