The positive side of Online Learning-

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Let's not beat around the bush here- quite frankly this year has been hard, learning completely online is difficult and we aren't getting what we signed up for. I'm not one to douse people in toxic positivity because sometimes I think we need to admit to ourselves that actually, we are sad, and that's ok.

However, some truly unexpected things have come out of this new style of teaching, some positives so to speak, so here you have the things I've learnt from online teaching-

- There are chances to make connections you wouldn't normally-

My university, for example, has split us into study groups for each module- although these are undeniably awkward at times they have also opened me up to speaking to people I usually wouldn't. Online learning forces you to engage with the people you are directly told to, it opens up new social opportunities and it allows you to make connections.

- Being less busy is important-

I don't travel 40 minutes to University anymore and I don't have the same social life I did pre-pandemic - a fact that is at once sad but has also taught me some important things. I HAVE SO MUCH MORE FREE TIME, time I would usually spend travelling (needed) or going to multiple social events ( also brilliant but I never allowed myself free time) I miss everyone dearly but if anything the gaps I have now have taught me how much easier university is with a routine and not filling my non-study time with 2000000 events, coffee trips etc.

- Everyone is in this together (not just the pandemic but university stress too)-

The pandemic is sh*t, right? This is something we categorically all believe in. Admitting that and how strange this environment is for teaching and learning has led to comparisons to a more normal time- last year to be exact. In comparing so may conversations have opened up between my peers and me about the stresses of university that I don't think we would have had last year- simply because 1, we didn't stop to think about them and 2, we didn't even stop to talk to each other. From feeling like we have something to prove to admitting how intimidating speaking to lecturers can be, I have had conversations over the last few weeks that have made me realise I truly am in this with everyone.